Jason G. Schutte recently published an article discussing contribution actions between principal defendants under the Illinois Joint Tortfeasor Contribution Act.  The article was published in the Illinois Bar Association Trial Briefs newsletter.  

Jason is a partner with our firm and focuses his practice in defense of tort and civil litigation matters.  He frequently authors articles on a wide variety of topics related to civil litigation.  Jason has been recognized for his contributions to the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, an entity that provides continuing education and publishes legal practice treatises to assist attorneys in Illinois.  You can review IICLE’s article on Jason at the link below:


On January 10, 2018, Jason G. Schutte, a partner with our firm, argued before the 4th District Appellate Court.  The case revolved around relocation of deaf/hard hearing children from Jacksonville, Illinois to Indianapolis Indiana.  Jason represented the mother of the children who seeks to relocate the children to Indianapolis based upon her arguments and belief that the children would recieve a much better education for their needs at the Indiana School for the Deaf. As of this writing, we have not recieved the court's ruling on this issue.

Jason G. Schutte, a partner at Koepke & Hiltabrand, recently published an article discussing conflicts of interest in the Illinois Bar Association's trial briefs newsletter.